Wordpress troubleshooting

Wordpress is most commonly found as a standard functionality within the hosting package, and its simplicity in installing and adjusting the visual appearance of websites has elevated Wordpress to the position of the leading platform for CMS.

Considering the widespread use of Wordpress and great amount of free and paid for graphic templates as well as mini program functionalities (plug-ins and widgets), incompatibilities can occur, as well as the slowing down or improper functioning of the website.

An issue of Wordpress, brought on by its immense popularity, is that it is often the target of various hacker attacks and exploits of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the program code, but more often the websites that use Wordpress are “broken into” by using old versions of plug-ins or widgets.

Regardless, the maintenance of Wordpress and its components is a very important activity so we suggest you regularly upgrade Wordpress and all related plug-ins to the latest version.

Here at Triton, we have many years of experience in managing web hosting companies, but also have great experience in using, maintaining and solving problems with Wordpress. The experience in the maintenance and development of add-ons for Wordpress allows us to quickly detect malfunctions and incompatibilities of various plug-ins and solve user problems.

Detection & solutions

  • Upgrading Wordpress and related plug-ins
  • Migrating Wordpress from one server to another
  • Migrating the Wordpress installation from one domain to another
  • Backup/restore
  • Detecting problems with plug-ins and solving them
  • Solving the problem of sudden slow loading of a website
  • Correcting the positioning of elements on a website and CSS
  • Adjusting templates to the demands of the designer/user
  • Optimization and faster loading of a website
  • Export of documents into PDF or html format
  • Virus/trojan deletion from a website and Wordpress installation
  • Other activities...